Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Roller Kit include the bearings for the two eyes of the shock absorber?
No, it does not. If you wish to get two kits for your shock absorber, please have a look into our special discounts.

Should we do any change on the shock or bike to install the Roller Kit?
No, this is a system that, allows to come back to the original system without any change, at any time.

How long does to assembly the Roller Kit take?
With the Amachete Press Tool, Roller kit is assembled easily and in less than 15 minutes.

Is it possible to install the Roller Kit without the Amachete Press Tool?
Yes, it is possible if using washers and bushings of the correct diameter, but it is difficult to asemble and there is a risk of damaging either the kit or the shock, so that it is not recommended.

What happens if I want to put the Roller Kit on another bicycle or another shock?
Most likely the measures won’t match up, but you can always get the necessary spare parts of the kit separately and for an affordable price.

Am I be able to buy spare parts such as O-rings or inner rings separately?
Yes, we have all the necessary replacement parts in stock. We recommend you to get together with your Roller Kit a spare kit ( 50% discount).