Roller kit



The Roller kit is a joint system that allows the friction bushings of shock absorbers to be replaced by needle bearing. The system reduces friction effect to a minimum at this very delicate point and, as a result, creates several crucial advantages like enhancing its efficiency and durability.

It isn´t a stantard piece but a customized one that covers the huge number of different SIZES. In this way and, although we have a large stock, we often custom make kits for each bike model in particular, giving a high degree of exclusivity and service to our customers.

We produce kits for almost all measures and market shocks absorber (CCDB, Bos, DT Swiss, etc), because we have invented in 1998 and we have been developing them for more than 15 years. we offer personalized attention and guaranteed result.Roller Kit does not require changes neither on bike or on shock, so anytime you can come back to the original system. Each Roller Kit is only for one shock eye,if you need two Kits the shipment is for free.


15,7 mm ROLLER KIT

19,36 €

Include spare parts (O´rings)

19 / 21,8 / 22 / 22,2 / 24 / 25 / 25,4 / 30

29,88 €

Include spare parts (O´rings)

ROLLER KIT: Other measures

39,93 €

Include spare parts (O´rings)

9,5mm Axles (Santa Cruz & Tomac)

From 33,88 €

Include spare parts (O´rings)

OFF SET Roller Kit

From 29,04 €

Include spare parts (O´rings)

10mm AXLES (Trek, Commencal, etc )

From 33,88 €

Include spare parts (O´rings)

Roller Kit adds value to your bike at a low cost.


> Custom made Needle Bearing (over size and cenerless grinding)
> Hardened and grinding polished steel axle.
> 4 o´rings
> Adapter buhsing for different eye shocks *
> Aluminum 6061 T6 spacers *

* Depending on the model of the bike and/or shock absorber, this component might not be included in the kit.



The structure of the Kit is very simple, nevertheless it has been meticulously studied to produce several advantages over the original system in terms of efficiency and durability. Once the Roller kit is mounted, its axle will be fastened to the swing arm, rockers arms, or frame mounts. But, in contrast to the original friction bushing, it will gently rotate over the needle bearing, regardless of the pressure exerted on the shock. As a result, the feel and sensitivity of the rear suspension is notably improved. Sometimes the difference is so big with respect to the Roller Kit, that it is needed to adjust the shock setting (higher preload and less rebound).  




Assembled and disassembled under pressure, which complicates maintenance operations

The inner ring works smoothly over the needle bearing, which facilitates maintenance operations

The friction increases exponentially in relation to the load of the shock. The bushings lose their smooth functioning and cause the shock absorber to overheat

The absence of friction below the working temperature range of the shock absorber improves performance and helps delay expensive maintenance.

Increased friction causes excessive wear and clearance

The toughness of the axle creates less wear and clearance

The clearance allows dirt to enter the joint, causing it to wear out faster and become noisy.

The watertight sealing keeps out water and dirt, allowing it to function smoothly and quietly.





¿Why our Roller Kit?

We have invented and we have been developing it for more than 15 years, for that reason and because of it is a very specialized product, we offer personalized attention and immediate solution to any problem. See our excellent references in References Roller Kit .



Which Kit do I need ?

We need 3 data that you can get easily from your bike, as it is shown in the Order Form.
We have a database to facilitate them to you, but for a better fit and avoid confusions, it is better to take them directly from the bike. If it is not possible for you to get them, fill in the rest of the form and leave these spaces in blank, we´ll help you.



Origin of Roller Kit

The Roller Kit was designed by Eduardo Cuesta during the 1998 season in order to achieve greater sensitivity in the rear suspension of its Specialized Ground Control FSR Elite. After many trials and prototypes with different materials and techniques, the Kit´s inner rings were achieved to be manufactured using a special steel that allowed subsequent hardening and grinding in spite of the thin section of this key piece. This provides for superior qualities compared to the friction bushings mainly thanks to a much lower friction and a much larger leak.